Transitioning to a Clean Energy Economy

ICCR members seek to move companies in key industries to reduce their corporate carbon footprints and accelerate the transition to a clean economy.

We do this by urging companies to adopt science-based greenhouse gas emissions targets

ICCR members persuade corporations to set "science-based" GHG reduction targets to ensure companies will make the necessary contribution to the 2-degree scenario adopted in last year's Paris Climate Agreement.

By "science-based" we mean reduction targets that are consistent with the pace recommended by climate scientists to limit the worst impacts of climate change by staying below a 2-degree C rise in global temperature. Companies can achieve this by reducing energy demand (through energy conservation and efficiency) and/or by sourcing low-carbon, renewable energy. Specific sectors can reduce their carbon footprints in other ways: agricultural-based companies can pledge no-deforestation, while chemical companies can work to develop “green chemistry” products. Manufacturing companies are adopting new processes that use fewer materials or that reduce GHG emissions.

Featured ICCR Initiatives

The Company Challenge. In December of 2016, ICCR began engaging a group of more than 100 companies that indicated on their 2016 CDP report their intention to adopt a Science-Based Target for GHG reductions in the next two years. 21 companies have responded to date in writing, and many have requested calls with investors to discuss their work in this area. Read a sample of the letters sent by investors.

Engaging Heavy Emitters. In the 2017 proxy season, ICCR members engaged the top 15 producers of direct GHG emissions and the top 15 electricity users in the U.S. Many of the top emitters are electric utilities, while others are airline, steel, and heavy manufacturing companies, which investors have engaged in dialogue on opportunities to reduce carbon emissions in their operations.

Featured Resources

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