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ICCR's corporate engagements are founded on the conviction that, when long-term, responsible investors have the opportunity to meet with corporate representatives on a regular basis to discuss social and environmental challenges, an atmosphere of trust and openness is fostered that often leads to out-of-the-box solutions that advance the ends of both the company and its stakeholders - including the people and communities most impacted by corporate practices. As a result of ICCR's ongoing dialogues with some of the world's most influential brands, financial, legal and reputational risks have been significantly mitigated, and through their leadership examples, sectors are being transformed for the better.

Hear from a few of our many corporate counterparts about the value of engaging with ICCR members, below.

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"Our long-standing collaborative dialogue with ICCR has been an opportunity for us to understand its concerns and views and to share our thoughts on energy and the environment. We value ICCR's continued guidance and input as we work to find the right solutions for meeting the future energy needs of our customers."

Tom Fanning
Southern Company



 "The dedicated representatives of ICCR have been important voices at J&J for decades now. We share a common mission to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. Our discussions with ICCR are genuine dialogues -- open, productive, and enlightening."

William C. Weldon
Former Chairman/CEO
Johnson & Johnson
Currently, Director, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and ExxonMobil

"Merck understands that it must rise to the challenge of greater stakeholder expectations every day. We also recognize that we can't solve major health, environmental and economic challenges alone, but must collaborate with others who share our commitment and who bring their own unique experience to the table. This understanding forms the core of Merck's approach and commitment to its decade-long engagement with ICCR. Their input on our policies and practices over the years has helped to inform our strategies and decisions on a variety of issues, from our access to medicines strategy in developing countries and our HIV/AIDS access programs, to our role in the U.S. health care reform debate and our move to greater disclosure of our non-financial performance."

Maggie Kohn
Director, Corporate Responsibility
Merck & Co., Inc. 


"When I began speaking out on environmental and social issues more than 30 years ago, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility was a welcome voice of encouragement among many that were doubtful. They cheered us on when we made progress, and challenged us to move faster and do better when we didn't. Thanks in large part to the work done by ICCR, today the idea that businesses can do well by doing good is widely acknowledged."

William Clay Ford, Jr.

Executive Chairman
Ford Motor Company


"The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility has been an important stakeholder for PepsiCo, particularly the expertise of the UUSC and their partnership as we navigate and activate our public commitment to respect water as a fundamental human right. More importantly, ICCR has been a leading voice for bridging the gap between the corporate and non-profit worlds. ICCR's Social Sustainability Resource Guide is a landmark effort which does just that by helping to evolve the dialog around social investment from traditional measurement of inputs and outputs to more granular quantification of the true outcomes and impacts of social sustainability performance."

Dan Bena
Senior Director of Sutainable Development
PepsiCo, Inc.



“I am a firm believer in the power of strong, 2-way consultations with investors. My conversations with ICCR members began as soon as I came to Campbell and they continue today. These dialogues help advance our understanding of emerging issues … the dialogues challenge our thinking and provide the opportunity to share our point of view on a range of topics to a group of stakeholders invested in our company’s  long-term future.” See more 

Dave Stangis, Vice President – Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility
The Campbell Family of Brands


“ICCR was a significant catalyst that lead to Coca-Cola’s adoption of the Human Rights Statement and Workplace Rights Policy in 2007… ICCR was the first organization to bring the importance of [human] trafficking to the company’s attention. As a direct result of the discussion in 2010, we included our migrant labor issue in our 2010 and 2011 sustainability reports.” See more

Edward E. Potter, Director, Global Workplace Rights
The Coca-Cola Company





Valerie Smith, Citi

Valerie Smith, Citi

John Viera, Ford

John Viera of Ford

Len Sauers, Procter and Gamble

Len Sauers , Procter & Gamble, Interviewed at Invested in Change

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